Office Furniture

Your company is planning to move into new  space or remodeling your existing layout. Whether you are downsizing, transitioning to an open plan arrangement, or adapting your space while maintaining the same space , it’s going to be a major change. And with change usually comes resistance and fear. Call us !

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Learning Spaces

Times that students must be seated at desks working in rows is  becoming archaic. Technology and collaborative work environments are changing the design of learning spaces. We have the furniture that experts are using in those learning spaces and influence future architectural design.

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Hospitality & Commercial

We offer for the Hospitality & Commercial Industry, a wide range of Products & Services, We supply Commercial Carpets, LVT Flooring, Lighting, Seating, Outdoor Furniture and much more.

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Creating great places to be

GETECA® organization is a recognize company in the region when assisting projects with “high levels of complexity and demands”​.

We are experts in solutions for use in: Offices Spaces, Schools, Convention Centers, Libraries, Archives, Hospitals, Universities, Auditoriums, Theaters, Hotels, Airports and more.


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